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Practicing Good Posture

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PostureIcon Good posture combined with proper body mechanics will help you prevent injury and reduce onset or frequency of painful symptoms which may result from performinc repetitive  or continuous movements. Learn more about good posture.

Low Back Pain

The Golf Swing: How Your Posture Affects Your Golf Swing

LowBackIcon Over 80% of the population experience low back pain at least once in their lifetime. Learn how to select the best treatment and how physical therapy can help relieve your pain and improve your function.
Golf Icon Your posture, or how you occupy and move through space directly, affects the golf swing. Physical therapists can teach stretches and exercises to increase flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Learn more about how your posture affects your golf swing.

Infants Sleeping, Playing and Eating Positions: Influences on Motor Development, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Torticollis

Run More Efficiently

PedsIcon Physical therapists recommend infants experience a variety of positions for healthy motor development. They can teach parents exercises to do with their baby involving stretching techniques that are gradual and progressive. Although the exercises are simple, they must be performed correctly to achieve optimal results. Learn more about infant sleeping, playing and eating positions.
RunningIcon This presentation explains the energy and muscle demands of running, the typical range of motion needed for a recreational runner and the efficient mechanics to avoid common running injuries. Learn more about how to run more efficiently.

 Senior Wellness

Throwing a Safe Game: Physical Therapists helping young arms stay in the game

heart Physical therapists can assist seniors in maintaining their health and wellness. They can help seniors reduce fall risks and improve bone health, flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular health. Learn more about senior wellness.
BaseballIcon Physical therapists can help prevent pitching injuries and reduce risks of injury through evaluation, physical conditioning and training and education. Young pitchers are especially susceptible to throwing injuries. Learn more about pitching mechanics, injury prevention and recommendations for youth pitchers.

Healthy Bones

Prevention of ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete

bones Bone loss affects millions of Americans and many may not even know it. Physical therapists are trained to evaluate and treat problems associated with bone health and osteoporosis. Learn more about bone health.
female athlete When an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury occurs, it can be quite serious and require costly surgery. Physical therapists can prevent ACL injuries and reduce biomechanical neuromuscular risk factors through physical conditioning and training. Learn more about ACL injuries in female athletes.

Backpack Safety

Fit Families


Many children carry backpacks that are too heavy. Physical therapists can show you how to minimize the potential harm to your child's spine from improper backpack usage. Learn more about backpack safety. In addition, view this video on Backpack Safety.

fit The surgeon general declares overweight prevalence in children and adults a major health concern, resulting in $117 billion per year in direct and indirect medical costs. Learn more about obesity and fit families.

Cycling - Proper Bike Fit

Balance and Fall Prevention


Proper bike fit is important in preventing overuse injuries. Learn more about bicycle fit measurements; common overuse injuries for the neck, back, hip, knee, hand and foot; and bike adjustments and exercises to treat common overuse injuries. Common Cycling Injuries, Treatment and Prevention.

balance Falls represent a serious health risk in older people. Physical therapists can help determine if people are at risk for falls and discuss treatment options to improve your balance systems. Learn more about balance and fall prevention.